Table of Contents

Introduction: Composition Studies, the Next Generation
Janet Alsup, Purdue University
Lisa Schade Eckert, Montana State University

Composition Studies/English Education Connections
W. Douglas Baker, Eastern Michigan University
Elizabeth Brockman, Central Michigan University
Jonathan Bush, Western Michigan University
Kia Jane Richmond, Northern Michigan University

Notes of a Humbled WPA: Dialogue with High School Colleagues
Tiane Donahue, University of Maine Farmington

"Belly up to the Pond": Teaching Teachers Creative Nonfiction in an Online Class
Roy F. Fox and Amy A. Lannin, University of Missouri

Building Triangles: Research and the Realization of Self in Making Sense
Mary Godwin, Purdue University

Training ESOL Instructors and Tutors for Online Conferencing
Beth L. Hewett and Robert Lynn

Muted Voices: High School Teachers, Composition, and the College Imperative
Joseph Jones, University of Memphis

Creating Reflective Teacher-Practitioners in the Midst of Standards
Joan Mullin, University of Texas
Dorothy Cashell, University of Toledo