Table of Contents

A special multi-journal Issue of The Writing Instructor, Academic.Writing, CCC Online, Enculturation, and Kairos (links to partnering journals are off site)

Introduction: Facing the Future of Electronic Publishing
David Blakesley, Doug Eyman, Byron Hawk, Mike Palmquist, Todd Taylor


 The Writing Instructor: Issues/Challenges

Teachers as Writers and Students as Writers: Writing, Publishing, and Monday-Morning Agendas
Joseph Eng, Eastern Washington University

eBooks: A Battle for Standards
Paul Cesarini, Bowling Green State University

Writing and Publishing in the Boundaries: Academic Writing in/through the Virtual Age
Patricia Webb Peterson, Arizona State University

Modern Chivalry and the Case for Electronic Texts
Janice McIntire-Strasburg, St. Louis University


 Academic.Writing: Pedagogy

Think Different/Think Differently: A Tale of Green Squiggly Lines, or Evaluating Student Writing in Computer- Mediated Environments
Carl Whithaus, Old Dominion University

World Wide Words: A Rationale and Preliminary Report on a Publishing Project for an Advanced Writing Workshop
Peter Sands, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


 CCC Online: Tenure/Review

Where Do I List This on My CV? Considering the Values of Self-Published Web Sites
Steven D. Krause


 Enculturation: Hypertext/Theory

Perspective: Notes Toward the Remediation of Style
Collin Brooke, Syracuse University

Responding in Kind: Down in the Body in the Undergraduate Poetry Course )Thoughts on Bakhtin, Hypertext, and Cheap Wigs(
Cynthia Nichols, North Dakota State University

Editing (Journals?) in the Late Age of Print
Byron Hawk, George Mason University


 Kairos: History

A brief history and technical overview of the current state of JAC Online, with a few observations about how the Internet is influencing (or failing to influence) scholarship: Or, who says you can’t find JAC Online?
George Pullman, Georgia State University

Kairos: Past, Present and Future(s)
Mick Doherty, American Airlines
Michael J. Salvo, Purdue University